LiDAR Technology

Light Detection and Ranging Systems

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is an impressive and highly practical technology that uses laser pulses to generate large amounts of data about terrain and landscape features. LiDAR is an important geospatial data acquisition technique, which GeoM utilizes to determine topography and surface information. GeoM uses LiDAR as a part of their quality services to suit specific client requirements.


LiDAR Applications

LiDAR uses laser pulses to generate large amounts of data about the physical layout of terrain and landscape features. LiDAR data can be analysed and used in a range of applications including:

Land mapping for use in forestry and land management
Digital terrain maps for use in geographic information systems
Digital Mapping for use in analysing building structures and architecture

How Does LiDAR Work?

There are several varieties of LiDAR, all of which operate using the same basic principle: the instrument fires rapid pulses of light at the target and a sensor mounted in the survey aircraft measures the amount of time taken for each light pulse to bounce back. GeoM utilise LiDAR along with other techniques to provide accurate and detailed aerial surveying solutions to all clients.

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