GeoM Surveys Angolan Overhead Power Lines

 Pretoria, South Africa, 03 February 2014 – South African based GeoM have completed an aerial survey project of overhead power lines in Angola. Using a helicopter mounted high-speed laser scanner, complete with advanced navigation and positioning system, GeoM captured around 1,500 kilometres of detailed LiDAR measurements. Complemented with high resolution aerial photography and meteorological data, the laser scanned point cloud will be used by the power company's engineering department to support maintenance and upgrade programmes.

Whitby Coastal Survey

Lidar550 2

  We are sharing an animation from our most recent airborne survey project in UK. The Survey project of  Whitby Bay was commissioned by Durham University. The data was captured using a StreetMapper mobile mapping system (MMS) mounted onto a twin engine helicopter. Using a 360 degree mobile mapping scanner as opposed to a typical 60 degree field of view airborne scanner meant that we could get high resolution data of the cliff face as well as the ground. 24km of coastline was scanned in 2 hours from Whitby to Skinningrove. The flying speed was 40knots, height above ground 120m. This resulted in an average point density 40pts/sq m (80pts/sq m on the cliff faces), and an average camera pixel size of 4cm. Absolute accuracy was better than 3cm. 

Dangerous road survey – Serra Da Leba Pass in Angola

February 2014, GeoM surveyed one of the most spectacular and dangerous roads in the World – Serra Da Leba Pass in Angola. The pass was surveyed using our LiDAR system mounted onto an AS350 Squirrel helicopter. Average point density 150 points/sqm. Image resolution 5cm. Many thanks to Chopper Worx pilots who did an amazing job during challenging flight conditions.


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